Terms for consigning with us.  By appointment only. We accept up to 25 items at a time. We accept women's clothing and accessories. You may leave items with us while we price your items. You will receive an email notification of the prices of your items. Prices are determined at our discretion. You will be asked to sign our consignment agreement before leaving your items. We accept seasonal items that are free of stains, holes, odors, and need no repair work.
Please understand that we only accept certain items for sale. We are selective in what items we carry in store and online. We only accept premium brands as they have resale value. We do not accept Kohls, GAP, Target, Old Navy, and Walmart brands.
Consignment period runs for 90 days. Once marked and tagged, cannot be taken from the store during the 90 day period. At the end of the 90 day period, you are welcome to pick up any unsold items or allow The Designer Consigner NY to donate them. We will not contact you when your items have expired. It is your responsibility to know the expiration date. When you are ready to pick up your unsold items, please be aware that you are responsible to locate the items in the store. Due to time constraints, The Designer Consigner NY will not locate the items for you. All unclaimed items become property of The Designer Consigner NY after 90 days. Please bring your own bags and hangers for picking up your items, we do not supply this.
Compensation. The Designer Consigner NY and Consigner receive 50% of the net selling price of each item sold. Please note that The Designer Consigner NY will place items on clearance at the end of each season at 50% off of selling price.. Payments are made quarterly (every March, June, September, and December). 
Covid-19 Precautions: We steam every item that comes into the store.
We look forward to consigning with you!
Call for an appointment at 845-507-0245